Q1 – 2021 – CATERING


Development Review:

Social Media, Marketing & Web development

Based on Quote# 0110027866
Includes: T&T Catering and Fair on Wheels Details:
– STP (Segmentation – Targeting – Positioning)
– Social Media Platforms: Facebook & Instagram (5+ weekly posts and stories)
– Other Platforms Development: Google| – Organic Marketing Development
Increase current reach
Increase current engagement
Organic and Paid SEO*
– Website Updates and new needed content.
– CRM development (forms, database and others under www.tandtcatering.com)
– Cross marketing efforts among catering platforms and T&T restaurants platforms.
– Development of imagery and designs for social media and website use.
– Quarterly Reports and Analytics.

*Paid SEO monthly Budget will be given by T&T manager.


Redesign a most simplistic and user friendly websites.

Google Ads and Google MyBusiness Development.

Send new price and bundles break-down.

On Social Media sell the experience.

Check square for T&T and FOW.

Change Pop-up To promote (T&T Box).

Send new plan with new budget and advantages.